Success Stories

In addition to being Worcester’s first boot camp, see why Adventure Boot Camp is one of the finalist’s in the Telegram & Gazette’s Best of Central MA awards.

If you are looking to change your fitness routine, challenge yourself at every workout and want the most amazing certified coach around to workout your whole body, then Adventure Boot Camp is for you. You will thank yourself for “thinking outside the gym.”  IT’s AMAZING!!

Boot Camp Testimonials:

“Nice job, Alexis, once again, I discovered muscles I didn’t know I had.”
Kim A., – Worcester, MA*

“My jeans are actually starting to fit ROOMIER!!!!” – Jen B. Worcester, MA

“Adventure Boot Camp is an excellent way to lose weight and increase cardio fitness.  Alexis helped me make great gains in my workout regimen. She helps push your limits in fun and interesting ways without being boring. I had a blast.” – Matt C., Auburn, MA

“Alexis was great in helping me learn good form, get motivated to get up and moving, and help me drop those first pounds and inches while showing me that working out didn’t have to be miserable!”
Rebecca, H. Worcester, MA*

“Everything is amazing.  You can be pushed further than you think you can.” – Scott, M., Worcester, MA

“Coach Alexis has taught me about nutrition and how to attain my goals of fitness and weight loss. I have been working out with Coach Alexis through thick and thin for over four years.”
Beth, Worcester, MA*

“Boot Camp is awesome in so many ways. I went from strongly disliking exercise to actually looking forward to it. I gained so much confidence in my own abilities and learned how to push myself.”
Rebekah, L. Worcester, MA*

*Results may vary with each individual.